And I thought I was a messy painter!  The “secrets” behind a painting revealed!

the republic of less

Not many of us ever get to visit an artist’s studio while they’re working.  So mostly we have an imaginary idea of what painters actually DO to get the results they get. But every now and then someone sneaks in or charms their way in and gives us a look.  Above is the great Lucien Freud hard at work late at night.  Found here.

The above two photos were shot in the studio of Mr Freud’s long-time friend and fellow art giant Francis Bacon.  Upper one by Perry Ogden is FB’s studio at 7 Reece Mews, in South Kensington, London , seen here.  And the lower is Mr B’s studio as it was when he left it for the final time with his last picture just underway on the easel, a photo from the Tate Modern seen here.  Is Bacon under there somewhere?  More here.

One more artist…

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