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If you liked my “A Lone Boat”, soon it will not be “alone” anymore it’s becoming a Triptych! (Work in progress)

Hello dear followers and art lovers,

The “Lone Boat”, has become an internet sensation! This painting, is the most loved, shared ( on Facebook) and re-twitted among all my works on display on various websites.

I have to admit, this subject has something magical….this lone boat resting on a calm sea embraced by the warm colors of an Italian summer dusk, and two seagulls stopping by to rest, touched me too. I guess unconsciously I shoot the original photo because I was drawn by the serenity, solitude yet open, acceptance, warmth of what I was witnessing…and now reflected in this painting.

This painting it’s available for you to enjoy and experience these same feelings in your own home! You can buy either the original or a printed copy at this address : http://www.piazza-fine-art.com .